Workflow of MP3 Manufacturing

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I had a hard time thinking of what is the right title for this post (or series of posts).
The purpose of writing this is to share on the whole process of how I started from a CD (or a downloaded APE file, FLAC file or MP3 files) to the final stage of making it to the Apple iTunes (and hence into my iPod).
The process is as follow and will be covered in some details.
The sources:

  • This could be a CD which I owned
  • This could be an APE file (and CUE file) which I found
  • This could be an FLAC file (and CUE file) which I found
  • These could be MP3 files already

Step 1 : Converting the source to MP3 format

Step 2 : Preparing the MP3 files to an acceptable standard

Step 3 : Adding to iTunes and auto sych to iPod
I will cover each of the step above in details (except Step 3 since that’s covered in at least 1 million other blogs plus Apple products are usually easy to use !)
Cheers !

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