Album Covers

苏打绿 原汁原味

Oops. Not sure how I missed this album from 苏打绿 but hey.. here’s the album art cover for Soda Green’s album,

戴佩妮 被动的观众

Beautiful album by Penny Tai 戴佩妮 ! The Passive Audience (戴佩妮 被动的观众). 2022-06-29 : 戴佩妮 被动的观

陈雪凝 我新长出的犄角

I love Shirley Chen, 陈雪凝 ! I love her two songs, 你的酒馆对我打了烊 and 绿色. She is out with a new album !In

张国荣 张国荣告别乐坛演唱会 足本版

Amazing !! They found the master tape for 张国荣告别乐坛演唱会 !! On May 7, 2024, Universal Music Hong Kong will rel

徐若瑄 先听我说完

Vivian Hsu 徐若瑄 with her latest album, It’s My Turn, 先听我说完 ! 2024-04-19 : 徐若瑄 先听我说完 Think

许廷铿 Blue 蓝调

Alfred Hui has a very good album here in 2012. Love his voice ! [2012-01-11] 许廷铿 Blue 蓝调 A larger Album Art for you

郑少秋 笑看风云

Oh my god. very classic.. I love the title song, 笑看风云 [1995] 郑少秋 笑看风云 Album Art Cover for you, Canto Fan

伊能静 安妮的王子

Annie Yi is our goddess when we were young. Actually she is so under-rated. Her songs are so nice and she has a great voice. T

陈嘉桦 Bad Habits

Ella (陈嘉桦) of the original girls team, SHE ! With her 2024 album, Bad Habits. [2024-03-31] 陈嘉桦 BAD HABITS And a la

林宥嘉 王 Love, Lord

Never heard from him for a while… here’s his 2024 album… [2024-03-19] 林宥嘉 王 Love, Lord A much larger

丁当 日与夜 跟自己说晚安

丁当 Album in 2024… What a depressing Album Title 日与夜 跟自己说晚安 [2024-03-01] 丁当 日与夜 跟自己

林忆莲 O (2024版)

Sandy Lam 林忆莲 with 2024 version of her super album O [2024-01-03] 林忆莲 O (2024版) A larger album art cover…