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王杰 无题

Oh my god, I thought he stopped producing albums. Shocked. Hope it will be nice. Including a damn sad title song, “我�

李克勤 Smart ID

An Album which I have not featured here before, I think 🙂 Hacken Lee 李克勤 with a weird album name called “Smart

任贤齐 在路上

Richie Jen.. I actually seldom listen to his albums He has a new album in 2023 ! On My Way, 在路上 ! 2023-09-01 : 任贤齐

小阿七 和你路过婚纱店

Xiao A Qi 小阿七 is now one of my favourite singers. I listened to quite a few songs of hers. I simply super love 那女孩

童珺 爱的可能 – 温柔女声版

Another day, another new singer I like.. ha ha. Tong Jun 童珺. I wil be listening to more of her songs. I love this song, �

巫启贤 活该

Cannot believe it that I am still downloading and listening to Eric Moo after all these years. But then I have been listening

任然 R’s

任然 R’s : Her album back in April. Now updating this web site with her album art cover. I love her songs 🙂 And I l

古巨基 Ireallylovetosing

Mr Ku ! Back with an album in 2023….. 古巨基 Ireallylovetosing (and yes, no spacing between the words……)

郑秀文 Dream

Wow.. my all time favourite is still out with albums… Are you still listening to her ? 🙂 A few movies theme songs in

阎奕格 Changing Room

Wow her third album, I believe. The title is Changing Room. Go !! 2023-07-25 : 阎奕格 Changing Room 阎奕格 Changing Room

伍思凯 你爱谁

I told you I am going retro. Recently I like this song, 心上没有心, by Sky Wu 伍思凯, a lot. Not sure why.. so I found

万芳 贴心

Wow.. why suddenly post such an old album from 1993 ? Cause I was actually adding a song from this album to my Apple Music app