iTunes 11 and Album Background Colours

While iTunes 11 continues to frustrate some people (especially myself) with the removal of the Coverflow (oh my god.. HOW COUL

iTunes 11 Launched

Finally… iTunes 11 has launched.. Here’s how it looked for me with Album Art Covers and all.. It is a CRIME (ha ha

iTunes go live in Singapore

Finally.. iTunes go live in Singapore Hit and miss.. Jacky’s albums have no chinese characters in his album and song tit

SkiniTunes : A great companion to iTunes

I am always on the look out for nice, pretty and fun software to play my MP3 music with. Recently Lifehacker introduced a comp

Why iTunes songs cannot have proper Chinese titles

If you go to iTunes and buy a Chinese or Canto song, you will be stuck with some crazy pinyin or English translated song title

iTunes 8.0 Grid View : A simple review

Have you installed iTunes 8.0 ? I did it quickly when I read about the new GRID VIEW. From Apple Web Site about the new iTunes

Ripping Copy Control CDs using EAC

Recently I bought 2 dated music CDs at a discount store (these are brand new CDs but sold at a discount) and was planning to r

Update iTunes playcount and last played date manually

Have you ever wanted to update the playcount of your songs in iTunes. Or have you ever wanted to change the last played date a

What ID tag version do I set my MP3 files

In MP3tag software it is possible to specific which version of MP3 ID tag you want set your MP3 files to. Yes, even something

Adding MP3 files to iTunes

Step 3 of the “MP3 Manufacturing” Workflow: Adding to iTunesThis is the final step in the Workflow of MP3 “m

Adding the album art to the MP3 files

Step 2.4 of the “MP3 Manufacturing” Workflow: Adding the album art to the MP3 files We come to the most important

Copying the lyrics to your MP3 files

Step 2.3 of the “MP3 Manufacturing” Workflow: Copying the lyrics of the songs to the MP3 files Lyrics of songs are