Why iTunes songs cannot have proper Chinese titles

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If you go to iTunes and buy a Chinese or Canto song, you will be stuck with some crazy pinyin or English translated song title, artist or album name. Granted, it does not happen in Japan iTunes as they have a proper iTunes store selling Japanese songs.

This only happens because you have to buy Mandarin songs or Cantonese songs from USA store, and to repay you for the effort, you get the whole English translated stuff.

I know that iTunes are not selling songs in China or Singapore or Taiwan or Hong Kong (just applications for iPhone or ipod Touch) so there is no need to do that. Still how much effort (or cost) does it take for iTunes in USA to hire someone (me ?) to write up a proper Chinese song title, album title and artist names for each song they sell (in any case, they don’t sell a lot of Chinese or Canto songs either !)

Look at the iTunes store. Sweet Pie 苏慧伦 excellent song 哭过的天空 is translated to “The Sky that Cried” (Still not too bad. Some of the other songs I saw make me cringe with pain).
Chinese Songs in English language in iTunes Store
And look at my song in my own iTunes (after my normal clean up). Proper artist name, proper song title, proper album. All in proper Chinese format.
Chinese Songs in proper Unicode format in my iTunes Library
And I paid USD 0.99 for that song and I have to clean it up myself ?
Come on Apple, I need a job ! Hire me (or any of the million of Chinese song lovers) to do this clean up. Come on !

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2 thoughts on “Why iTunes songs cannot have proper Chinese titles

  1. mercury_sn

    Same here. I hate having to buy the songs and then clean it up myself.

    I would clean it up for Apple for free if they allow me to!

    But a potential problem is whether to tag it in Traditional or Simplified Chinese.

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