New iPod Shuffle : Voice Over work with Chinese Songs

Apple launched yet another brilliant iPod again.

This time it is the smallest music player that actually talks to you.. or so it said…
Apple Shuffle Talks to You

It is a very very small iPod Shuffle that has a capacity of 4GB. The new device is smaller than a AA battery yet holds up to 1,000 songs, Apple said.

The Shuffle also adds a very interesting new VoiceOver feature that can recite song titles, artists, and playlist names, as well as provide status information, such as battery life.

The iPod Shuffle is so small that they now have the navigation controls and volume controls are in a small control pad on the right earphone cord. Now.. what if you lose it. How can I use my other brands of headphones ! Can the latest Apple In Ear earphones work with this ?
Compare the old one with new one

They will also have a play list feature in the Shuffle. This is great as it finally recognize that the Shuffle might not be your primary iPod but the one you will definitely bring to the gym or for run. You will want a playlist for gym. A playlist for running etc. Without any screen display, playlist selection becomes a case of using the control pad on the earphone cord. Watching the demo, it seemed confusing to me on how to select the playlist. I need to get one to play around with for sure.
Very Complicated
Interesting, the video demo at the apple web store actually showed that there are two different sounds of voice over. One if you have a Mac while the other if you have Windows. Now.. is it just me or does the voice over sound more awful if you using Windows ?
Lastly, accordingly to published information, the VoiceOver feature can speak in 14 languages: English, Czech, Dutch, French, German, Greek, Italian, Japanese, Mandarin Chinese, Polish, Portuguese, Spanish, Swedish, and Turkish.

So it will work with Chinese Songs and Canto Songs ? I would love to test it out !! 🙂

At the Singapore Apple Store, the 4GB Shuffle is selling at SGD 128 with 2 colours. Ouch..
Apple Shuffle Singapore Apple Store

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