My top 5 album art covers of 2012

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2012 has come to an end (but earth has not).

Looking back through the album art covers for the past year that were hosted on this web site, I truly had some difficulties finding my top 5. Not that there were too many. There were simply too little good ones. Sigh. We need more creativity !

These are my favourites. I am sure there are better ones outside of this album art web site. The choices do reflected the fact i am a man 🙂 Dun bash me. Ha.

Here goes…

Number 1 : 2012-03-01 : Twins 2 Be Free
Oh yes… Without a shadow of a doubt. TWINS ! Just coincidence they are very sexy here 🙂
Twins 2 Be Free
Number 2 : 2012-11-30 : JPM 365
Very colourful. Beautiful use of colours. Lovely. I love love love this colourful album art.
JPM 365
Number 3 : 2012-06-06 : 徐佳莹 理想人生
Lala album art cover is simple and yet unique. An album art cover on an envelope type background.
徐佳莹 理想人生

Number 4 : 2012-07-24 : 蔡卓妍 Montage
Ah Sa in boots 🙂 okie. On a more serious note, i liked the way the dusk and blue elements integrate and showed a rather bluish feel that reflected the songs in this album.
蔡卓妍 Montage
Number 5 : 2012-07-27 : 张敬轩 Why Not
Nice colours too. Hins looked super cool here. Very anime. Very super hero feeling. Why not 🙂
张敬轩 Why Not
What are your own favorites ? Any very super nice album art you loved in 2012 ?

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