Leslie Cheung : My Top 5 Favourite Album Covers

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张国荣 Leslie Cheung : My Top 5 Favourite Album Covers

Today is the death anniversary of Leslie Cheung, one of the greatest singer and actor and entertainer in the history of Hong Kong. His death shocked too many and till today, many cannot believe he is gone.

In memory of Leslie Cheung, I have selected my top 5 favourite album art cover of his albums. Leslie is such a gifted singer and actor and forever I am impressed with his stage performance and his cool style.

Rest in peace, Gor Gor.

1986 : 张国荣 当年情
张国荣 当年情
1989 : 张国荣 Final Encounter
张国荣 Final Encounter
1985 : 张国荣 为你钟情
张国荣 为你钟情
1984 : 张国荣 Leslie
张国荣 Leslie
1983 : 风继续吹
张国荣 风继续吹

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