Album Art

Even Chinesealbumart has to follow the times

I am a pretty stubborn Virgo. Today, streaming music are all over the place and Spotify or Apple Music or KKbox will have all

My top 5 album art covers of 2012

2012 has come to an end (but earth has not). Looking back through the album art covers for the past year that were hosted on t

萧亚轩 Elva Hsiao Good Album Art Covers

From a very loyal reader, Justin. Who has always been a great contributor to this site ! 🙂 He gave a link to a wonderful se

iTunes 11 and Album Background Colours

While iTunes 11 continues to frustrate some people (especially myself) with the removal of the Coverflow (oh my god.. HOW COUL

Wall of Sound iPad App uses album art

As usual, I love apps like this. This app is called Wall of Sound. It is actually a music player. It made use of all your musi

iTunes 11 Launched

Finally… iTunes 11 has launched.. Here’s how it looked for me with Album Art Covers and all.. It is a CRIME (ha ha

Like Chinese Album Art Fan Page on Facebook

Do you like my web site ? Like my facebook fan page to get updates on new postings, new ideas and crazy words… If you li

Will be harder to get GOOD Album Art Covers

Sad day for Album Art Lovers… Got this news from a China website: 7月28日, 内部获悉, 从2012年7月26日发布的H

There are BOOKS on Album Art

So I am not crazy after all 🙂 See what I found on amazon !!

封面党 But Not Accessible from China

Found a new term today. Just realized that people who loved Album Art like me are called “封面党” in China̷

Apple iPhone 3GS and Album Art

Apple iPhone 3GS and Album Art…. I finally got an Apple iPhone many years after it was first launched and I had wanted i

Finding Missing Lyrics in your MP3 songs

I was enjoying a Chinese song on my iPod at Starbucks today and wanted to sing along (silently in case all the customers died