Album Art Love: I am not alone

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I was surfing around and hit this site The High-Res Album Art Project.
Absolutely brilliant work. I totally respect the guy’s efforts and the wonderful album art he did.

I looked at a few of them and wished that my own collection is anywhere close to his. The thing is that he scanned all his CDs (and he must have a very good scanner !) and patiently cropped and adjusted them. I do that too. Just that my scanner is not as good πŸ™‚

His blog posting (Album Art Lovers of the World, Unite!) was very nice and totally described me. The email he got from his reader:

I have an obsession with album art too, and when I put my iPod on Cover Flow and something is missing, I die a little inside

Totally me. I will absolutely die if there are no album art for any song on my iTunes or iPod. I will not allow that. It gets me crazy and depressed and mad…. πŸ™‚
Another guy’s blog: (Obsessed with Album Art for iTunes) also talks about his love for it too. Like me, he is also into Chinese songs. And you got to visit his home page. Very Very Talented Guy !

I do listen to a fair bit of English songs too and as I buy most of them from iTunes or my own CDs, I don’t really need to find the album art myself on the internet. I do need to copy the iTune supplied album art into my image software and then add it back to the “album art ID tag” of the MP3 file though to ensure portability. More on this in the future in my blog. I do find it quite interesting for English album art as they tend to be more creative and artistic. The thing is that it is really easy to find good high quality album art for English songs. Apparently someone said that Walmart collection of music CD album art is better than Amazon. I went to take a look and it is not bad too. Pretty nice.

Now, if only the Chinese ones available on the internet can be as good. I will try my best to make sure I continue to improve the quality of my album art here, get a better scanner (when my funds allow it) and also to buy more older CDs and scan them since these are probably the hardest to find (e.g. my Alan Tam’s album art is pathetic low resolution).

I only hope I can have the patience and funds to make this a good Chinese Album Art site for all Chinese and Canto songs lovers who has a need for proper album art in their iPod.

Surfing the web tonight tells me that I am not alone. I am happy !

Watten House Chinese Image

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