TVB 2009 Calendar Is Out. And I love it.

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TVB 2009 Calendar

I cannot live without my TVB serials ! No how. No why. No way. No Asian TV serials come even 1/4 close to any TVB serials !


And their famous yearly calendar is out. Yes, the 2009 Version of THE Calendar is out. So go and grab it from TVB web site ! I hope I can grab one in Feb when I am in Hong Kong.

On reviewing the shots, I am quite sad. My super duper favourite lady 陈法拉 is stuck in a shot that has many not as famous girls in August 2009 ! WHY !! She is the best supporting actress in 2008 !

But I am also very happy that my usual favourites like 锺嘉欣, 徐子珊 and 佘诗曼 are all in high profile shots too !

I love the Jan 2009 shot. What’s your favourite ?

2009 Jan : 锺嘉欣, 黄宗泽, 林峯, 徐子珊
TVB 2009 Calendar Jan
2009 Feb : 关菊英, 商天娥, 李司棋, 薛家燕, 米雪
TVB 2009 Calendar Feb
2009 Mar : 郭晋安, 郭羡妮, 佘诗曼, 苗侨伟
TVB 2009 Calendar Mar
2009 Apr : 陈锦鸿, 胡杏儿, 马德钟
TVB 2009 Calendar Apr
2009 May : 马国明, 蒙嘉慧, 李诗韵, 杨思琦, 黎诺懿
TVB 2009 Calendar May
2009 Jun : 马浚伟, 丘凯敏, 陈敏之, 邓健泓, 黄德斌
TVB 2009 Calendar Jun
2009 Jul : 陈茵薇、郑嘉颖、吴卓羲、杨怡、唐诗咏
TVB 2009 Calendar Jul
2009 Aug : 胡定欣、吕慧仪、李亚男、陈法拉、叶翠翠、杨秀惠、陈自瑶、徐淑敏
TVB 2009 Calendar Aug
2009 Sep : 曹敏莉、谢天华、郑少秋、伍咏薇、邓萃雯
TVB 2009 Calendar Sep
2009 Oct : 罗嘉良、廖碧儿、欧阳震华、邵美琪
TVB 2009 Calendar Oct
2009 Nov : 林保怡、黎姿、蔡少芬、陈豪
TVB 2009 Calendar Nov
2009 Dec : 崔建邦、高钧贤、陈智燊、汪明荃、袁伟豪、萧正楠、黄长兴
TVB 2009 Calendar Dec

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