胡鸿钧 ex CHANGE

Another singer turned TV actor. Hubert Wu or 胡鸿钧. You probably seen him in many TVB serials and more and more recently.

谷婭溦 哭墙

I told you she 谷婭溦 would have an album of her own one day 🙂 Of course it came out in April and I missed it so here

HANA菊梓乔 不能放手

Hana 菊梓乔. As usual, super many TVB shows songs.. you will love her if you love TVB shows like me. As I said in this blog

吴若希 爱情无价

There you go, the TVB shows’ theme songs queen :). Miss Jinny Ng 吴若希 with a whole album FULL of TVB shows. As I sh

Even Chinesealbumart has to follow the times

I am a pretty stubborn Virgo. Today, streaming music are all over the place and Spotify or Apple Music or KKbox will have all

谭嘉仪 Can You Hear

The very popular Tam Kayee 谭嘉仪… the Hong Kong singer of so so many TVB serial shows 🙂 “Can You Hear”

延禧攻略 电视剧原声带

雪落下的声音. I don’t know about you but I can hear this song the whole day and not get bored. For so many months

Hana 菊梓乔 忘记我自己

Hana 菊梓乔 ! The latest TVB theme songs queen, replacing those in front of her.. She been singing quite a few of TVB songs

何雁诗 Lost in Love

Stephanie Ho 何雁诗.. with many TVB songs to her credit. This album, Lost in Love, is the same… quite a few latest TV

TVB TV Love Songs Forever 2015

Oh my god.. always my happiness to see TVB produces its theme songs in the albums. Out on iTunes Store now !! So many good son

田蕊妮 You Are My Man

Wow.. the latest hot star in TVB, the new QUEEN of TVB ? .. Now got her own album !! 2014-04-03 : 田蕊妮 You Are My Man 专

周美欣 Lori

Lori Chow…. very tall and slim. This is her debut album. She is a TVB actress.. saw her in one TVB show… very pret