S.H.E 不想长大

S.H.E 不想长大. I find this album damn scary.. I am terribly scared of dolls (due to watching too much movies..) and all 3

S.H.E Play

S.H.E Play Updating with iPhone/iPod format 2007 : S.H.E PLAY Track Listing 1.中国话 2.谢谢你的温柔 (合唱:飞轮海

S.H.E Shero 女英雄 华丽绚烂版

S.H.E Shero 女英雄 华丽绚烂版 Another version album art. Bought at Chinatown at a very good price 🙂 2010-03-26 : S.

S.H.E Forever 新歌 精选

S.H.E Forever 新歌 精选 S.H.E (Chinese Pop Singer Group) with a compilation album… 2006-07 : S.H.E Forever (新歌�

S.H.E Shero

S.H.E Shero Latest Album ! 2010-03-26 : S.H.E Shero 专辑曲目 01 SHERO(2010臺北国际花卉博览会指定主题曲) 02 �

S.H.E 爱的三温暖

S.H.E 爱的三温暖 2009-07-31 : S.H.E 爱的三温暖 专辑曲目 1.梦田 2.锁住时间

S.H.E 爱的地图

S.H.E 爱的地图 This is a digital album of 2 new songs and 8 old songs and because it is a digital album, I am so not sure

S.H.E 斗牛要不要

S.H.E 斗牛要不要 Contribution from Reader Kenvin ! Thank you. Keep it coming, folks ! 2007 : S.H.E 斗牛要不要 Album

S.H.E 最爱 S.H.E 冬日音乐纪念册

S.H.E 最爱 S.H.E 冬日音乐纪念册 Did you know S.H.E has an English Album. I like I’ve Never Been To Me most even

S.H.E 我的电台

S.H.E 我的电台 !! S.H.E. 2008 Latest Album ! Two different versions of cover art. I like the second one.. more retro and m

S.H.E Play

S.H.E Recently I went shopping at a 2nd hand shop and found this CD for S.H.E It is S.H.E latest album called PLAY but the cov

S.H.E Discography

S.H.E (Chinese Pop Singer Group).. set of album art covers up to 2004. See related posts or tags for more recent albums as it