陈嘉桦 Bad Habits

Ella (陈嘉桦) of the original girls team, SHE ! With her 2024 album, Bad Habits. [2024-03-31] 陈嘉桦 BAD HABITS And a la

Ella 陈嘉桦 Ella Show 娱乐无限公司

Ella 陈嘉桦 is so slim now 🙂 Look at her legs. Compared to her initial years in SHE 🙂 2011-11-06 : Ella 陈嘉桦 Ell

田馥甄 If Only 如果 田馥甄巡回演唱会 LIVE

田馥甄, Hebe Tian, with her concert soundtrack,If Only 如果 田馥甄巡回演唱会 LIVE She is really doing very well,

S.H.E 永远都在

SHE 15th Anniversary album 永远都在 ! Wow.. 15 years that I have heard them sing.. from the very first album to today ! Am

S.H.E. 你曾是少年

EP from S.H.E. This song is S.H.E. 你曾是少年 and is from a movie, 电影 少年班 主题曲 Get more of SHE albums at A

任家萱 Selina 3.1415

Selina from SHE ! With her new album. Super weird title, 3.1415 ?! Check it out on iTunes: [2015-01-09] 任家萱 Selina 3.141

S.H.E 花又开好了

S.H.E 花又开好了 The babes are back !! S.H.E is back ! Blossomy 花又开好了 is the album name. I MISS THEM !!! DO YOU

S.H.E 花又开好了 Preview Cover

S.H.E 花又开好了 Preview Cover This is just probably a promotional cover (looks like the previous album “My Radio S

任家萱 重作一个梦

任家萱 重作一个梦 Selina from S.H.E !! Back from a very bad accident that she suffered tremendously. And a beautiful t

Ella 陈嘉桦 蔷蔷纪念

S.H.E Ella. Ella 陈嘉桦 With a song called 蔷蔷纪念 My most hated song ! Simply cannot stand it…. 2007-08 : ELLA

S.H.E 爱的三温暖 内地版

S.H.E 爱的三温暖 2009-07-31 : S.H.E 爱的三温暖 内地版 专辑曲目 DVD 01. 梦田 02. 锁住时间 03. 可爱万�

最爱 S.H.E 冬日音乐纪念册 Vol 2

S.H.E 2004-12-03 : 最爱 S.H.E 冬日音乐纪念册 Vol 2 专辑曲目 01 Japanese Boys – Aneka 日本男孩 – �