S.H.E Shero

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S.H.E Shero

Latest Album !

2010-03-26 : S.H.E Shero
S.H.E Shero
S.H.E Shero 2010 Album
S.H.E Shero 2010 Album
01 SHERO(2010臺北国际花卉博览会指定主题曲)
02 如果你是女孩
03 我爱雨夜花
04 两个人的荒岛 (Duet with周定纬)
05 少了一个人
06 收留我
07 超可能
08 爱上你 (电视剧「就想赖着妳」片尾曲)
09 你不会
10 爱就对了

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3 thoughts on “S.H.E Shero

  1. Ruth Chee

    Thanks! I really like S.H.E and their music.
    I know there's another cover for this album, can you please upload that as well?
    Thank you very much!
    I use your site for most of my album artworks!

  2. Chinese

    Ruth. I just bought the Shino Album (the exact version you wanted) and will upload the album cover 2morrow morning 🙂


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