林峰 Come 2 Me

林峰 Come 2 Me

林峰 Raymond Lam’s latest album. Come 2 Me (or Come To Me)…

The hottest TVB male star now. Concert end of the month and now another album. The “son” of TVB management 🙂

一直都在 (with Ah Sa) and 我们很好 are very good songs. I remembered one of these songs has a MTV with Charmaine Seah !!

2009-07-31 : 林峰 Come 2 Me
林峰 Come 2 Me
林峰 Come 2 Me
林峰 Come 2 Me
01. Hello
02. Come 2 Me
03. Rain Drops
04. 我们很好
05. Morning Cute
06. Flashback
07. 定镜
08. Vampire
09. Out Of Reach
10. 所谓理想
11. 一直都在 – 林峰 / 蔡卓妍
12. Slow Motion
13. 直到你不找我
14. 同谋
15. The Beginning Is The End

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