胡杏儿 Loveholic

胡杏儿 Loveholic

有意 was a very nice song that you can hear that she sang with very handsome 郑嘉颖 in the TVB serial, 烈火雄心3.

I love that song ! Very romantic !

2009-11-25 : 胡杏儿 Loveholic
胡杏儿 Loveholic Album
胡杏儿 Loveholic Album
胡杏儿 Loveholic Album
Track Listing
01. 恋爱妄想
02. 光明日
03. 同情分
04. 灵魂伴侣
05. 一刀了断 (张智霖 合唱)
06. 有意 (TVB 烈火雄心3 插曲 – 郑嘉颖合唱)
07. 寻爱 (国)

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