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If you are looking for a good English CD album art web site, that’s so easy to find on the internet.

There is one site which may not contain a lot of CD (but indeed it is slowly growing when I checked back regularly) but I like the QUALITY of the album art a lot.

That’s Jason Dunn Album Art web site. It is actually his personal effort. As it is not a commercial effort and nor a community sharing effort, it does not have that many album arts as others. In fact, it is quite selective as it is only from his album collection and hence it is more about sharing.

I like the quality (I think his scanner must be a brilliant one as it is so so CLEAR!!) and of course it is a pleasure to watch the web page loading with the album art.

Jason Dunn Album Art Web Page
And yes in 2021, the web page is still up and running after all these years 🙂


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