Chinese Album Art Web Site is Ten Years Old

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Ten years ago I started this web site. It was driven by my Virgo nature. Every music file in my music player (yes we have that 10 years ago) must have an album art. It must be clean (no watermark) and large and clear.
Ten years later, the popularity of streaming music has reduced the need for album art covers. We are at the mercy of Apple Music and/or Spotify to make their music comes with an album art.
And frequently it sucks. It is getting better but still not good enough.
Chinese Album Art is still here. Ten years on. What about another ten years ?
I am not sure. 10 years ago there was no Spotify or Apple Music.
What will next 10 years bring ?
Happy Birthday Chinese Album Art !!
Chinesealbumart Ten Years Old
The first post 10 years ago was
Ten years ago
The first post 10 years ago
Tarcy Su will always be my idol 🙂
The first post 10 years ago
Ten years or not. Ha.

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6 thoughts on “Chinese Album Art Web Site is Ten Years Old

  1. Andy

    Happy birthday!
    I’ve been follow this site for many years (almost ten years in my mind). It’s simple, and quite useful. I usually look for covers of old songs through this site, and it helps me a lot : )
    Besides it always reminds me of old times, the golden times of Mandopop and Cantopop.
    Streaming music service like Apple Music is great. It’s really convenient.
    But CDs and download music will not die. We need them.
    Hope Chinese Album Art can accompany us through many decades.
    ps: I love Tarcy Su, too.

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