HTC Diamond with Album Art

Watten House Chinese Image

This week I got myself a new phone to replace my Dopod 595 that was beyond repair as it was subjected to my constant abuse.
So I got myself a new phone. A HTC Diamond. Although it has some issues with performance but I think with each ROM update (and a painful updating of the phone with each ROM update), it gets better.
Of course like most iPhone-killer-wannabe today, it has to have great video and music playback in addition to the usual phone/PDA functions. It has to beat iPhone at its game if it wants to be successful.
Once I got my phone, I did what I wanted most….. I transferred a properly formatted Chinese MP3 song with lyrics over to the Diamond. After installing the provided CE Star software, I can see the Chinese characters of the album name and singer…. and of course… most importantly…
The Chinese CD ALBUM ART on a HTC Diamond…

Chinese Album Art on a HTC Diamond
I still don’t see lyrics on it though. Maybe I don’t know how. Does the iPhone display lyrics ? I dont know too.
The battle is on !!


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