MP3tag column to show Album Art embedded in MP3 file

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In one of my previous blog on using MP3tag to add album art to the MP3 show, I indicated that you can see the album art are successfully added to the MP3 files as evidenced by the album art in a panel box on the left hand side:
Mp3tag showing the existence of album art
There is another method of seeing whether your MP3 files already have an album art existing. What you do is to add a column in the MP3tag to check if album art is embedded in the file:
First, you RIGHT CLICK on the columns at the top of the list
Next, you click on NEW to create a new column and then give it a name, e.g. Art or Album Art
Then, you add this code, ” %_covers% ” (without the ” “) to the “VALUE” field as well as the “FIELD” field. You can see this in the attached picture:
Adding a column to MP3tag
That’s it. The next time you load a MP3 file into the MP3tag, you can very easily see if an album art has been embedded. If the field shows “1”, it is. If it is blank, there is no album art embedded.
Simple !

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