FLAC and APE formats and Album Art

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An interesting question was asked for me. While this blog deals with Album Art for iPod and (hence) MP3, does Album Art actually work for FLAC and APE formats ? In other words, can we embed Album Art into these 2 formats and see them when playing back in the appropriate media players.
Certainly ! If you use the right tool (e.g. my favourite, MP3tag), you certainly can embed the album art into the FLAC file or the APE file. We can cover how to do this (together with how to do MP3 file) in another separate article later.
For now, these are how our lovely APE file and FLAC file look like when played in foobar2000 with album.
Coldplay X&Y Album
FLAC with Album Art in Foobar2000
赵学而 赵学而家系列 Album
APE with Album Art in Foobar2000

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