Album Art as your folder.jpg for your music folders

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Album Art are great for iTunes, for iPod, for iPod Touch and for iPhone. But besides this, do you know that you can use album art as the folder icons of your Windows PC music folders (or for that matter, any folders….I also use DVD covers art for my movies folders).
If you use Windows, you can see your view of your music folder (usually, My Music) to THUMBNAILS and you can see your music albums with the album art.
For example my ćŒ ć­Šć‹ Jacky Cheung collection in My Music collection on my Windows PC:
My Jacky Cheung Collection in Full ThumbNail View
It is very simple to do so. After you downloaded the album art (preferably from here), you can then re-name the album art file as “FOLDER.JPG”.
Rename filename to folder.jpg
Copy and paste this file to the album folder that contains the MP3 and pesto, that’s all it takes.
Make sure you change the VIEW to THUMBNAIL
Change the Windows Folder View to ThumbNail
You can then use a different album art for a different album and soon, the “My Music” folder will look very nice in thumbnail view.
View of Folder with Album Artwork
Makes it easy to find the “CD” you want and I hope make you want to listen to the music more ! 🙂
But.. But.. But..
But life is never that smooth in Microsoft-never-never-land 🙂
One thing I found that is if you are using the Windows Media Player, it seemed to have a habit of “EATING” up the folder.jpg file. I am not kidding. After a while of use, you will see the folder.jpg disappeared ! In reality, it has have not disappeared but has actually reduced to a pathetic 200×200 size (to view, you have to set your folder options to see the hidden operating system files to the hidden “folder.jpg”). I don’t know why WMP does such a thing. It does pain me to see my 500×500 album art reduced to 200×200 and be called AlbumArtSmall.jpg. SMALL ALBUM ART !! What a joke ! 🙂 🙂
It is well documented here: WMP Eating All My Folder.jpg.
I have tried some of the suggestions of the attached link with varying degree of success. I have the most success by the “Create a Read-Only Network folder” method but still sometimes it happens to one or two folders.
Oh well….. Have a good weekend every one !

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