Twins We Are Twins

OMG.. My most beloved sweet twins !! SO PRETTY 🙂 Ah Sha !!! 2024-01-19 : Twins We Are Twins Large Album for you Twins Fans.

钟欣潼 听说的幸福

Gillian Chung 钟欣潼 钟is getting married. Just like Linda Chung 钟嘉欣 came out with a song for her wedding, 我結婚

Twins 花约

TWINS !!!!!!! my dearest !! Their latest album.. [2017-06-22] Twins 花约 Track Listing 1.失约 2.有约 3.朋友以上 4.�

Twins TGIF

Twins latest single… TGIF !! Thank god it is Friday… Available on iTunes: Me always so soft spot for them 🙂 Lov

Twins LOL

LOL at the album title… LOL.. Miss TWINS ! Welcome back !!!! Still as cute and pretty as ever.. On Youtube: EP Available

钟欣潼 完整爱

钟欣潼 完整爱 !! Isn’t she beautiful ! [2014-06-19] 钟欣潼 完整爱 专辑曲目: 01. 星星的眼泪 (罗�

钟欣潼 一辈子

Ah Gil !! 钟欣潼 with a song 一辈子 Isn’t she beautiful 🙂 [2014-04] 钟欣潼 一辈子 Track List: 01 一辈

蔡卓妍 Blooming

Charlene or Ah Sa latest album 蔡卓妍 Blooming I don’t like the album art cover ! 2013-06-21 : 蔡卓妍 Blooming 曲

钟欣桐 桐花

Gillian 钟欣桐 first Mandarin album 桐花:) Gillian !!! 2013-05-28 : 钟欣桐 桐花 专辑曲目: 01.惯性冬眠 02.�

Twins Twins Party Album Art Covers

Twins ! Twins ! Twins ! 🙂 Very cute album art cover for my favourite group Twins Party Album Art Covers 2007-09 : Twins Twi

Twins 我们的纪念册

Twins.. Twins.. 🙂 Twins 我们的纪念册 So cute !! Twins 我们的纪念册 2002-05 : Twins 我们的纪念册 Track Lis

Twins 我们相爱6年

Twins 我们相爱6年 Twins album back in 2007 when they are in their 6th year together as a team.. This is a Mainland versio