蔡卓妍 Montage

蔡卓妍 Montage Ah Sa is back with a Mandarin album ! Cute cute pretty AH SA !! Will update with more proper album art cover

Twins 2 Be Free

Twins 2 Be Free Oh my god… OH MY GOD.. OH OH MY GOD !!! What an album art. Check out the figures of my darlings Twins !!

Twins Evolution 进化论

Twins Evolution 进化论 Twins ! Twins ! I love Twins !! You Still Love Twins, dun you ? 200-09 : Evolution 进化论 Track L

Twins 3650 10 years anniversary Album

Twins Okie.. wow.. They been together for 10 years. And 10 years x 365 = 3650 so album title is 3650 ? BUT BUT did they forget

蔡卓妍 Sweetest Day EP

蔡卓妍 2011-02-10 : 蔡卓妍 Sweetest Day EP 专辑曲目: 1.年年 2.大人國

钟欣桐 Move On EP Album

Twins 钟欣桐 Move On EP Album Gillian.. now a title like “Move On”.. isn’t it appropriate. I hope the bes

蔡卓妍 Beauty Remains

蔡卓妍 Beauty Remains Her latest Canto album. AH SA !! AH SA ! I love you, 蔡卓妍 ! And may your beauty remains forever

蔡卓妍 As A Sa

蔡卓妍 As A Sa Charlene ! Ah Sa ! Her Mandarin Album. 2010-06-15 : 蔡卓妍 As A Sa 专辑曲目: 01. 爱赢才会拼 02.

钟欣桐 首张个人EP 人人弹起

Twins And she is also back ! Gillian I love you !! ROCK ON !! 2010-03-26 : 钟欣桐 首张个人EP《人人弹起》 专辑�

Twins 人人弹起 新曲+精选

Twins 人人弹起 新曲+精选 They are back ! I LOVE TWINS !!!!! Are you ready for their concert ? 2010-03-27 : Twins 人

Twins Amazing

Twins Amazing Album released in 2002… They are so fresh and sweet and cute then. That’s 7 years ago ! 2002-08 : Tw

Twins 桐话妍语

twins 桐话妍语 .. is this going to be their last album together ? Got this quite cheap at a local music store. I must trea