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SPEED is a famous female Jpop group consisting of four members hailing from Okinawa Japan: Hiroko Shimabukuro, Eriko Imai, Takako Uehara, and Hitoe Arakaki.

Speed is officially the best selling female group in Japan when it comes to combined album and single’s numbers. On March 31, 2000, after 1335 days together Speed officially disbanded.

I still have a few albums so I thought I would upload their album art.

Never mind it is not Chinese Album Art right 🙂

1998 : Rise
Speed Rise
1998 : Speed Moment
(Amazingly Best Selling Album Ever)
Speed Moment
1999 : Hiroko Shimabukuro : As Time Goes By
(Technically not Speed Album but her solo album)
Hiroko Shimabukuro : As Time Goes By
1999 : Long Way Home
Speed Long Way Home

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2 thoughts on “Speed Discography

  1. Kenneth

    SPEED is still my fav. jpop girl group till now. They are going to make a comeback reunion next year with a new tour too. This year they will perform live in a charity show [24television] on 31.8.2008. Yes, u din read wrongly, its is AUGUST 2008! I have all their singles, album and dvds. I have yet to find another girl band that i love so much. They are the best!

    Thx for recommending SPEED to the ppl out there. 🙂

    PS. The first pic, the album is titled RISE not Raise.

    As time goes by is a single which consists of 3tracks with another 3instrumental. hiro first solo album is BRILLIANT.

    Speed will be releasing a new single soon or later this year so do remember to promote it on ur blog too. (yeah, i know its a chinese album art website but since u introduce this post to ur visitors, no harm promote the new single too 🙂

    Thank u so much :)!

  2. Admin

    Thank u for your comments and help here.. Speed is the one and only Japanese group in my MP3 player so yes, I still love them ! 🙂

    I have changed the title to RISE !

    Wow.. I did not know that they are back… and when that happens i will definitely write about the single !!

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