Recommended Song: 孙燕姿 我不难过

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孙燕姿 我不难过

A song for all of you for the weekend.

Of course, I am very familiar with the songs of 孙燕姿 as she is a fellow Singaporean and I have all her CDs from her very first day she fired herself into the musical scene.

我不难过 Lyrics
作词:杨明学 作曲:李偲菘 编曲:Kenn C.
又站在你家的门口 我们重复沉默
这样子单方面的守候 还能多久
虽然你还握着我的手 但我已不在 你心中
我真的懂 你不是喜新厌旧
是我没有 陪在你身边当你寂寞时候
别再看着我说着你爱过 别太伤痛
我不难过 这不算什么 只是为什么眼泪会流我也不懂
就让我走 让我开始享受自由
回忆很多 你的影子也会充满我生活
我并不懦弱 你比谁都懂
虽然寂寞 这会是我 最后的宽容
抱紧我 再抱紧我
这一份感动 请你让我留在胸口
别再说 是你的错
爱到了尽头 是非对错就让它随风
忘了所有 过得比你快活
我真的懂 你不是喜新厌旧
是我没有 陪在你身边当你寂寞时候
别再看着我说着你爱过 别太伤痛
我不难过 这不算什么 只是为什么眼泪会流我也不懂
不要再说 或许这是最好的结果
现在分手 总好过你不爱我一拖再拖
松开你的手 离开你左右
我向前走 这会是我 真正的解脱

2003 : 孙燕姿 未完成
孙燕姿 未完成

This song, 我不难过 from her 2003 album 未完成, kept ringing in my ears this week since I last heard it on the radio. It is not a new song at all but Jia 883 kept playing it quite often. Anyway, it rang a lot of bells and sadness in my mind. I don’t know why but the lyrics sounded so cruelly familiar.

I wonder why people who wrote songs can write such meaningful lyrics that just trigger so much emotions in your mind, heart and soul that you can almost cry with the song. I wish I am that good.

Then I can write out my emotions and hurt that probably the song will be the number 1 hit song on the radio for the next 52 weeks (kidding :)).

Enjoy your weekend and this great song !

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