Olivia Ong 夏夜晚风 Live 影音专辑

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Olivia Ong 夏夜晚风 Live 影音专辑

Includes the Nonya song, 如燕

2010-08-11 : Olivia Ong 夏夜晚风 Live 影音专辑
Olivia Ong 夏夜晚风 Live 影音专辑
Olivia Ong 夏夜晚风 Live 影音专辑
01.I Can’t Go For That (No Can Do) (就是不能)
02.Luka (卢卡)
03.Killing Me Softly With His Song (情歌迷死人)
06.Ain’t No Sunshine (没了阳光)
07.Here, There, and Everywhere (爱,无所不在)
08.Have I Told You Lately (最近有说爱你吗)
10.I Feel The Earth Move (怦然心动)
11.Don’t You Worry ‘bout A Thing (别担心)
13.Lost In Emotion (迷失) + Stand By Me (站在我身边)
14.You and Me (爱的真谛)
15.Never Can Say Goodbye (永远不说再见)
16.夏夜晚风组曲 (我愿意/Killing Me Softly With His Song/I Feel The Earth Move)

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2 thoughts on “Olivia Ong 夏夜晚风 Live 影音专辑

  1. Michael

    Hi there, been coming here once and awhile – keep up the good work! Got 2 questions:
    1) do you happen to have the album “olivia” – i.e the long package that’s like a picture album?
    2) I tried to subscribe to this site’s RSS but failed: http://www.chinesealbumart.com/feed/ doesn’t work. Is it possible to get that working?
    Thanks again – and great collection of CDs you have!
    Michael from HK

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