陈嘉桦 Ella Why Not

陈嘉桦 Ella Why Not. Yes Ella from S.H.E.
Frankly I did not expect another album from her (after her first album, Ella 我就是)
Oh well. congrats ! 🙂
[2015-04-17] 陈嘉桦 Why Not
陈嘉桦 Ella Why Not
Available on iTunes Store:

01. 有何不可
02. 有事吗
03. 你正常吗
04. 差一点
05. 信爱成瘾
06. 浪费眼泪
07. 想念自己
08. 赖床
09. 情书
10. 30啊
11. Why not!
12. 真的我
13. 无解

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