Another Day. Another Zen. Zen Mozaic.

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Zen Mozaic.

Creative launched yet another Zen. Just not too long ago, they launched the Zen X-Fi. Now, it is another Zen. This time, it is a Zen with a name called Mozaic.

Creative Zen Mozaic Launches in Singapore
I guess the unique name comes from the fact that the controls look like a mosaic. On first sight, it looks like a phone to me (a phone with the twelve buttons for 1-10 and # and *). Looking at it further reminds me of a Zebra. Then another look makes me think of my bathroom floor tiles 🙂
In terms of pricing, I think it is a pretty good deal for an established product. Creative Zen is well known for its great audio quality and they are selling this new product at SGD 99 for a 2GB MP3 player that has music, photos, videos (on a 1.8″ screen), Organizer (Calendar, Contact, Task List), Voice Recording and yes, my favourite, a FM tuner. Like the usual Zen models, it also comes with a built in speaker.
A 2GB Apple Shuffle cost SGD 108 with no photos, no videos and no FM tuner. A 4GB Apple Nano cost SGD 238 with photos and videos but no FM tuner. So I think it is pretty competitive. These are the prices today at the Creative Online Store in Singapore:
2GB $99.00
4GB $129.00
8GB $169.00
(All Prices in Singapore Dollars)
Checking the specs, yes, it does appear to show ALBUM ART too ! 🙂
I just wish Creative will produce a Zen that plays FLAC or APE or the other lossless formats. That would be so nice ! Without an actual review of the product, all I can say is that, based on specs, it is indeeed a very competitive product for the small-medium MP3 players area.
Yesterday, I finally spotted the Zen X-Fi at a local electronics store. Unfortunately, the demo sets came with 1 or 2 songs which was not enough. I wish there are more to help me decide the audio quality. The menus are pretty easy to play around with and I did have quite a good impression of it.

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