Album Covers

陈百强 当我想起 陈百强纪念精选

I love Danny Chan’s songs a lot. This album is really all his top songs.. amazing collection for the Danny Chan commemor

陈奕迅 Chin Up

Lovely album art cover for Eason’s latest album. I can never do more than 3-4 chin up 🙂 Album will be released offici

JC 陈咏桐 万人邂逅

Jennifer Chan or JC ! JC 陈咏桐 with her second album, 万人邂逅 ! Famous for songs like 说散就散, 现任朋友 etc

连诗雅 Movin’ On

Love this song 到此为止 recommended by my friend, so found the whole album to convert from FLAC to MP3 🙂 [2012-11] 连�

王杰 无题

Oh my god, I thought he stopped producing albums. Shocked. Hope it will be nice. Including a damn sad title song, “我�

李克勤 Smart ID

An Album which I have not featured here before, I think 🙂 Hacken Lee 李克勤 with a weird album name called “Smart

任贤齐 在路上

Richie Jen.. I actually seldom listen to his albums He has a new album in 2023 ! On My Way, 在路上 ! 2023-09-01 : 任贤齐

小阿七 和你路过婚纱店

Xiao A Qi 小阿七 is now one of my favourite singers. I listened to quite a few songs of hers. I simply super love 那女孩

童珺 爱的可能 – 温柔女声版

Another day, another new singer I like.. ha ha. Tong Jun 童珺. I wil be listening to more of her songs. I love this song, �

巫启贤 活该

Cannot believe it that I am still downloading and listening to Eric Moo after all these years. But then I have been listening

任然 R’s

任然 R’s : Her album back in April. Now updating this web site with her album art cover. I love her songs 🙂 And I l

古巨基 Ireallylovetosing

Mr Ku ! Back with an album in 2023….. 古巨基 Ireallylovetosing (and yes, no spacing between the words……)