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Twins We Are Twins

OMG.. My most beloved sweet twins !! SO PRETTY 🙂 Ah Sha !!! 2024-01-19 : Twins We Are Twins Large Album for you Twins Fans.


2024 album for her concert 容祖儿 ANOTHER SIDE JOEY MY SECRET LIVE [2024-02-06] 容祖儿 ANOTHER SIDE JOEY MY SECRET LIVE

苏打绿 你在烦恼什么 (苏打绿版)

Sodagreen 苏打绿 你在烦恼什么. Their latest album. Cute and nice BLUE album art cover. I am so going to listen to 被

许廷铿 In The Round

许廷铿 Alfred Hui, latest album in 2023 Dec… “In The Round” [2023-12-25] 许廷铿 in the round A much La

李千娜 关 与你

I always love Nana Lee songs.. I feel the “Hokkien Taiwan” feel is very strong in her songs 🙂 [2023-12-29] 李�

BY2 赛博2072

Wow. BY2 !! They are still in it ! BY2 赛博2072 is their latest album with 5 songs. [2023-12-29] BY2 赛博2072 A large albu

萧敬腾 野生

I did not hear Jam Hsiao (萧敬腾) songs for a while so glad I can see there is a new album !! 2023-12-16 : 萧敬腾 野生

小虎队 忧欢派对 新年快乐

The Little Tigers 小虎队 has this unique album back in 1989 where they collaborated with the girls’ duo group, 忧欢

吴克群 今天很OK

Hello Kenji ! With his 2023 album and some music in the album too.. 吴克群 今天很OK 2023-09-15 : 吴克群 今天很OK A

龚芝怡 直到最后

Beautiful song by Serene Kong. It is a Single Album. It is Ending Theme Song for “All That Glitters” 直到最后

G.E.M. 邓紫棋 T.I.M.E.

GEM ! 邓紫棋 with her latest EP album, T.I.M.E. This EP includes works that have touched G.E.M. 邓紫棋 at different stag

方力申 邓丽欣 十分爱精选

Even since I watched “Twelve Days” (12日) on the airplane (to Hong Kong, no less), I have been so in love with St