The Official Album for Beijing 2008 Olympic Games

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The Official Album for Beijing 2008 Olympic Games
The Olympic Games starts in Beijing China today (8th August 2008). The figure 8 is a very auspicious number in Chinese language and hence 08-08-2008 is really very appropriate for the occasion.
It does not matter if you are a citizen of mainland China. If you are a Chinese (in Hong Kong, China, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia or everywhere else), you should be proud of the homecoming party of China. More than 100 years ago, the humiliation of China by external forces and the various ups and (more often than not) downs of Chinese people over these years are something that must taken in perspective as China takes its place in the world stage. You don’t have to be a fan of Chinese government to admit that the country today is more powerful than ever in history and will be more so in the future. It is the right of the people of China to stand proud today.
In this album, many proud and talented Chinese song writers and singers from all over the world came together and produced songs after songs for the Olympic Games over the past 5 years. They included 刘德华 (Hong Kong), 周华健 (Taiwan), 周杰伦 (Taiwan), 王力宏 (Taiwan), 黄大煒 (Taiwan), 张惠妹 (Taiwan), 孙燕姿 (Singapore), 容祖儿 (Hong Kong), 谢霆锋 (Hong Kong), 韦唯 (China), 戴玉强 (China)etc.
Some songs are pretty unique in their timing. For example, 《We are ready》 celebrates 1 year left to the start of the Games, 《北京欢迎你》 (Beijing welcomes you) is sang by 100 singers 10 days before the start of the Games and the song 《点燃激情 传递梦想》 celebrates the Olympic Touch relay. There is even a song 《我是明星》 about the volunteers in these Games.
《同一个世界 同一个梦想》is probably the most meaningful song. It sang of the hopes and dreams of ALL Chinese around the WORLD in the success of the Olympic Games in China. That we are one world with one dream.
China has arrived. And we should be so proud.
2008 : The Official Album for Beijing 2008 Olympic Games
The Official Album for Beijing 2008 Olympic Games
CD 1
01.北京欢迎你 – 群星
02.Forever Friends (中文) – 孙楠/张惠妹
03.点燃激情 传递梦想 – 王力宏/孙燕姿/汪峰/张靚颖
04.千山万水 – 周杰伦
05.天空 – 谭晶
06.超越 – 徐洋/师鹏
07.梦想在望 – 周笔畅
08.Wishing Star (英文) – 黄大煒
09.同在蓝色星球上 – 谢霆峰/容祖儿
10.英雄 – 游鸿明
11.梦想的光芒 – 汪峰
12.Forever Friends (英文) – 孙楠/李玟
CD 2
01.We are ready – 群星
02.Everyone is No.1 – 刘德华
03.我是明星 – 周华健
04.One World One Dream – 王力宏
05.同一个世界 同一个梦想 – 刘欢/那英
06.我们的梦 – 汪峰
07.荣光 – 郭蓉
08.一起飞 – 谭晶/阎伟文
09.为生命喝彩 – 韩红/羽·泉
10.站起来 – 成龙/王力宏/孙燕姿/韩红
11.北京,北京,我爱北京 – 关喆
12.人类是一家 – 韦唯/戴玉强
CD 3 (Bonus)
01.点燃激情 传递梦想 (中文版) (Bonus) – 王力宏/孙燕姿/汪峰/张靚颖
02.点燃激情 传递梦想 (中文版) (Bonus) – 王力宏/孙燕姿
03.点燃激情 传递梦想 (英文版) (Bonus) – 2008 年世界小姐
04.点燃激情 传递梦想 (伴奏) (Bonus)

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