iPhone Contacts on CoverFlow

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I was at Digg today and I saw this excellent article on using the Apple CoverFlow concept in the iPhone to scroll down the contacts.
Contacts on CoverFlow
See “Contact Coverflow” (link dead)

I think it is a great idea and absolutely something that Apple should consider. Especially if you forgot the name of that long-lost friend (or ex-colleague or client) and you just (oh so happen) to have the photos embedded. Flipping through cover flow of all your ex-girlfriends might not be a bad idea too 🙂 🙂
In reality, a iPhone competitor has already done that in its flagship product. HTC has a similar concept in its HTC Diamond phone. For the Diamond, you can choose to add a contact as a FAVOURITE and can then scroll through the photos of the favourite contacts in a cover flow technique and then proceed to call them or text them. The idea is that these are your frequent contacts and hence the phone provides a quick way to call them.
Favourites like a Coverflow in a HTC Diamond
So the concept of coverflow to find an iPhone contact is already here. On a Windows Mobile Phone though 🙂 🙂 🙂

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