iPhone Coming to Singapore on 22nd August

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Yup. Coming on 22nd August 2008.

Prices and Phone Plans are not announced yet.

I am not as enthusiastic as before. Not sure why. Probably because I already got a HTC Diamond and love it as a PDA phone. And in terms of the MP3 functions, I am more keen on a Creative X Fi MP3 player due to its audio quality and that’s important to me. Lastly, while I think the App Store is fun and interesting but just like the iTunes store, I seldom use it in the end even if I went out of the way to get credits for it. That’s probably going to be the case for the App Store. In fact, reports are coming out from USA that while the App Store are earning tons of monies for Apple, people actually downloaded and use the apps a few times and that’s it.
iPhone Comes to Singapore
Not surprising as I find that for myself too. For the past few years, my mobile phones have been Smartphones or PDA phones (i.e. running the ever present Windows Mobile 5.0 or 6.1) and while it was fun for a while to find new software and play with them on the phone (and there are really MUCH MORE for Windows than iPhone), you usually end up using a few basic ones in the end. For my case, that’s just ActiveSych for downloading my emails, Opera for checking the web for share prices and finally ClearTemp for clearing my handphone of temporary file. Okay, one more. HTC Weather for checking the weather (pointless in Singapore). That’s all.
Back to the Creative X Fi MP3 player….. I cannot get it as the internet sources are saying that scrobbling is just too buggy for a Creative player compared to iPod. And I love scrobbling and the fact is that it is difficult to scrobble a Creative MP3 player (and/or Zune player). Funny how something almost totally unrelated to the actual performance/price/looks of a MP3 player is affecting one’s buying decision. Who ever goes up to a shop and ask the sales person.. “hey does this MP3 player support scrobbling easily ?”. The reply will probably be HUH ? HUH ? HUH ?

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