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A lot of upcoming bands and singers started off by giving away their music in Myspace, Facebook or other avenues in the internet. The beauty of it all is that they have an immediate HUGE audience to have a taste of their music and their careers started from that.

Today, I am pleased to help a new band group from UK to help publicise their music. Although it is not Chinese or Cantonese music, I am nevertheless sure many of my readers are also interested in English music or alternative music or support the upcoming new bands in the internet.

So here they are in their own words:

We’re a 4-piece indie band from the UK, in the vein of Pavement,
Pixies etc and the album is to be released on February 2nd. The front
cover and links to all the songs are here if you would like to give it
a listen: (Link not working in 2021)

So do drop by the site and give the music your listening time ! You can read about them at or

(Links are not working in 2021))

Out of fun on 17th Feb 2021, I googled the music album. It is selling for USD on Amazon !! See. Did u download it back when this article was written ! Did u buy Bitcoin when it first turned up ? 🙂 🙂 🙂

Mascot Fight Pantomime Hearse Selling for USD969

Mascot Fight Pantomime Hearse Selling for USD969

That’s a Photocopier sounds cool 🙂 Go guys GO !!

2009-01 : Mascot Fight Pantomime Hearse
Mascot Fight Pantomime Hearse
Track Listing
1. Terry is the Chicago Sun
2. Danger Man
3. Play the Meathead Anthem
4. That’s a Photocopier (Not a Chair)
5. City Bones
6. Thinking in French
7. Dalian Shied Away
8. Interval
9. Diego Barnes
10. Our Skool Daze
11. Fifty Kwacha
Group Photos
Mascot Fight Band Photo 1
Mascot Fight Band Photo 2
Mascot Fight Band Photo 3

Watten House Chinese Image

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