F.I.R. 末日青春 补完计划

32 Gilstead Condo New Launch

FIR ! I did not know they are still singing ! 🙂 AMAZING

[2019-04-30] F.I.R. 末日青春 补完计划

F.I.R. 末日青春 补完计划
F.I.R. 末日青春 补完计划

Large Album Art

F.I.R. 末日青春 补完计划
F.I.R. 末日青春 补完计划

Track Listing

1.Fairyland In Reality

2.爱上属于你的天空(In The Name Of You)

3.自由之歌(The Freedom Song)

4.梦见岛(Dream Island)


6.忘年会(Year-End Gathering)

7.造梦者(Can You Remember)

8.如果你说爱我(If You Say You Love Me)

9.美丽的你(Under Your Skin)


Watten House Chinese Image

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