Chinese Album Art is 15 Years

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My first post was on 8th May 2018.

Today I celebrate my 15 years of blogging on this web site.

Chinese Album Art 15 Years

And apparently I did “celebrate” my 10th Years of Chinese Album Art in this blog post.

The fever for Chinese Album Art might not be as hot as ever but I still enjoy updating my Music app with the correct album art.

It is just me. me. me.

Thanks for the journey. I appreciate your silent support.

I hope I made your iTunes/iPhone/iPad/Android a better music player today than yesterday.

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2 thoughts on “Chinese Album Art is 15 Years

  1. Andy

    5 years ago I left a reply on the site. 😉
    Running a website dedicated to music and album covers is truly cool and admirable! Thank you for your perseverance work!
    I’ll be always following this site. And you never walk alone! 😃

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