BY2 16未成年

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BY2 16未成年

Another “Sweet Wide Eye Japanese Dressing Oh-I-So-Cute” Girl Band/Group much like Twins and SHE. This time from Singapore. This time they are just about 16 years old only. This time, these are real life twins.
Miko Bai Weifen and Yumi Bai Weiling dropped out of secondary school last year to chase their dream of becoming pop stars.

BY2 has been signed by Singapore’s Ocean Butterflies Music, which had groomed Singapore singers 林俊杰 and 阿杜 to regional fame.

The girls were discovered two years ago at the Extraordinary Singer’s Course organised by Ocean Butterflies’ subsidiary school, Music Forest.

After beating rivals at talent quests, they were offered a 10-year recording contract (TEN YEARS !!!). In the course, they stood out with their bubbly charm, dance moves and their ‘unique bond’. They then dropped out of Yio Chu Kang Secondary School and a month later, they were in Taipei for vocal, dance and music training. They also spent two months in Beijing and two weeks in Tokyo training.

Now in July 2008, they have released their first album, 16未成年. Literally the title means that they are 16 and not yet of adulthood.

The amazing world of Music.

2008-08 : BY2 16未成年
BY2 16未成年
BY2 16未成年
BY2 16未成年

Track Listing

01. 好好爱^0^ (心动时刻版)
02. 不够成熟
03. PP别黏在椅上
04. 发呆
05. 买买买
06. 爱丫爱丫
07. 你说我说
08. 仙草蜜
09. 太难搞
10. 甜甜圈
11. 好好爱^0^ (甜蜜真实版)

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