2V1G 用心唤醒

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2V1G 用心唤醒

Excellent album. Worth every cent you pay for it. Great music.

Thanks to my bro in office.

2008-07-30 : 2V1G 用心唤醒
2V1G 用心唤醒
2V1G 用心唤醒
2V1G 用心唤醒
01. 回家
02. 情雪
03. 新不了情
04. 心动
05. 是否
06. 叁月
07. 飞机场的10点半
08. 不愿一个人
09. 喜欢你
10. 不只是朋友
11. 哭砂
12. 我要我们在一起

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2 thoughts on “2V1G 用心唤醒

  1. Steven Tan

    can i know where i can get / buy 2V1G CD’s. i m interested to buy a few copies for each of 2V1G individual studio albums.

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